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The company provides highly trained agents and state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of the residents of Hawaii in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

Solid State Operations, Inc. is pleased to announce that they will manage the unprecedented increase in the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations ongoing unemployment claims due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A cross-functional team of Solid State and DLIR personnel will facilitate the verification and satisfaction of claims and provide adjudication services for state residents.

“Solid State is excited to have the opportunity to work with DLIR to assist the residents of Hawaii by drastically reducing the backlog of issues that are hindering payments to deserving claimants.  ,” says Gregg Tahmisian, CEO of Solid State Operations.

The Solid State Adjudications model has proven tremendously successful in other states. In Alabama, for example, which has already completed modernization of their UI system, over 80,000 adjudications have been resolved by Contact Center staff since February.

In Hawaii, Solid State staff will perform investigations focusing on overpayments, beginning with 25 agents in April and ramping up services through early September when the federal authorization to use non-merit staffing currently expires with the ARPA unemployment provisions.

The company was earlier contracted to replace the state’s aging, legacy mainframe system with a web-based application. Solid State’s cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service application with advanced technology, lower costs, and flexible capabilities, is transforming the way the DLIR provides essential services to unemployed workers, to employers of the state of Hawaii, and to the United States Department of Labor.

“We feel enthusiastic about expanding our partnership with Solid State,” says HDLIR Director Anne Perreira-Eustaquio. “With their help, we believe we can make great progress in addressing the unemployment insurance backlogs we face here in Hawaii.”

2021 has already proven to be a busy year for Solid State Operations, which has grown substantially in terms of employees, vendor partners, and states serviced. This year the company will respond to changes in laws, requirements, new administrations and the evolving pandemic situation and its economic impacts.

And, as a software and services provider, Solid State Operations will continue to partner with state workforce agencies and best-of-breed vendor allies to offer fully integrated, accessible programs that meet all state and federal requirements.

Contact: Dina Stegon, Chief Marketing Officer; email:  dina.stegon@solidstateops.com


By Published On: April 22, 2021Categories: Press Release

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