Fraud Detection & Identity Verification

Solid State operations provides State Workforce Agencies with fraud detection and identity verification services to aid in timely and accurate UI payments.

States have experienced a surge in fraudulent unemployment claims filed by organized crime rings using stolen identities. Criminals are using these stolen identities to fraudulently collect benefits across multiple states.The inability to detect and prevent these attacks cost states billions of dollars in fraudulent claim payments. Unprepared state agencies were caught off-guard by the onslaught of attacks on the UI system.

Criminals filed enormous numbers of fraudulent claims using stolen personal information in multiple states. The accounts used fictitious information and directed payments to the bank account or address of the criminals.

Solid State Operations provides State Workforce Agencies (SWA’s) with fraud detection and identity verification services to aid in timely and accurate UI payments.

Fraud Detection Services:

  • Industry Best Practice Authentication – (OAuth, OpenID, Identity Server, Opaque JWTs, Global Authentication Required by Default).
  • Multiple Identity Providers, including Microsoft, Google. Amazon, Facebook, etc.
  • Unified fraud interface to simplify interaction with multiple upstream identity verification services.
  • Fine grained permissions for viewing, searching, and reporting fraud analytic information.
  • Simplified interface allows quick integration in applications for data collection and business decisions.
  • Self service options to allow customers to customize user journeys, add additional vendors, and reduce costs based on individual needs.
Together with our partners, Solid State Operations offers top tier fraud detection services.
logo openID

Open ID Connect Authentication

Allows clients of all types, including web, mobile, and other native clients, to request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end-users. Adhering to industry best standards ensures improved security and allows us to quickly integrate with vendors.

logo Dynamics365

MS Dynamics 365 Fraud Prevention

Helps defend against fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent account access.


LexisNexis Identity Verification

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions adds multidimensional identity intelligence, behavioral biometrics, powerful linking and dynamic decisioning. Tools that yield meaningful context.

CATCH Intelligence

CATCH Intelligence offers a suite of proven analytical tools designed to deliver insight and integrity to Unemployment Insurance programs. Agencies are able to easily identify and reduce improper payments to stop UI fraud before it happens.


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