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Integrated portals provide a one-stop-shop for State Agencies.

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  • Choose from different vendors based on features, cost, and other factors. At any time, swap one solution or service for another.
  • See what your platform looks like and have centralized procurement and payment.
  • Single-tenant platforms with applications, services, and data, are segregated from other customers.
  • View application/service definitions within the domain and choose which ones to implement, a la carte.

Through the Customer Portal, view the health of your platform and all applications / services at any time.

  • Modular platform for better recovery, faster deployment, simpler replacements.
  • Standardized Security
  • Simplified Software Procurement – No bid, no RFP.
  • Multiple Vendor Choices
  • Built-In Data Migration/Extraction
  • Self-Service Application Changes -easily switch vendors, add apps, etc.
  • Lower Costs with shared infrastructure & tooling
  • SaaS Model with ongoing improvements and fixes
  • Incident Response
  • Live Helpdesk Support
  • Disaster Recovery
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